T-shirt printing

T-shirt printing

Printing on T-shirts is one of the most important types of advertising printing, as printing of T-shirts is one of the most important promotional gifts preferred by institutions and companies to market their products and services, as the company logo is printed from the front it is small and from the back it is large.
T-shirt printing
T-shirts are considered one of the most important types of cloth gifts as well because they are used as indispensable uniforms in factories, establishments, restaurants and large establishments, and there are also different materials for cotton shirts, mixed shirts and other different materials.

Types of printing on T-shirts
The print on T-shirts also varied either
Thermal printing on t-shirts
Or print on silk screen t-shirts
Or embroidery on the T-shirts, each according to the customers’ taste and the material of the shirt.
Types of T-shirt materials:
We have Bisky Advertising for multiple materials for shirts, whether they are polo or round
Cotton shirts are available
T-shirts mixed between cotton, polyester and lycra
The importance of printing on T-shirts
Printing on T-shirts is considered one of the most important promotional gifts also with a marketing dimension, as the T-shirt is printed on the logo of your company and worn by all groups of young men and women in society. It is considered indirect promotion of your business
The logo is flush from the front and the back is printed on the back for the logo of your company, your website and contact numbers. This is an important marketing tool to market you correctly and attractively.



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