Cap printing

Printing caps is one of the most important promotional gifts that companies focus on greatly, but companies, restaurants and factories rely on them
Especially companies that have uniforms or uniforms, and always on the caps, the logo of the company or institution
We have Bisky for Advertising and Media the finest materials for advertising caps in a variety of materials and among the most important materials available to us
Cotton caps
Jeans caps
And other various materials
There are two ways to put the logo or logos on the caps
As for
Embroidery caps
Here, the logo is made by embroidering the logo, using threads and needle to make the logo, as it gives a three-dimensional effect and looks more beautiful and wonderful as it is not affected by weather or washing factors, so it stays for longer
Either print on caps
It is also one of the most important ways to put the logo on the caps, and that is either printing one, two or three colors
The logo is often embroidered or printed on the front of the cape
We also have Bisque for advertising and children, for school and other books, and for men in different sizes

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