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Block Note

Block Note from Bisky Advertising Company
Block Note
It is an important tool of corporate office tools that is indispensable in our time, as it enables you to write down everything you need during the day from notes and otherwise
The block note is a very important marketing tool for marketing your company at a cheap cost compared to other marketing means, so imagine with me that the block note is with your customers to write their notes throughout the day, and this block note is the logo of your company and with a distinctive design for your company, it is considered a mobile advertisement for your company at a cheap price.
The block note is considered one of the distinctive and main gifts for New Year gifts and promotional gifts for companies, as it has become one of the most important gifts in advertising for your organization or company in general, as it is indispensable in any office or company
The block note is one of the important tools in any business
We at Bisky Advertising Company specialize in printing and designing block notes with the best quality and best prices
Block note design
The design of the block note differs from the rest of the other designs, according to Zouk, customer choice, and the size that the customer prefers
Printing on the block note
Bisky Advertising Company has its own printing presses and we have great experience in block note printing and block note designs also with innovative and professional designs, professional shapes, great designs and the highest print quality
Printing on the block note differs from others, as it is according to the type of paper used, so the cover is often 350 grams of paper and the inner paper is 150 grams underlined, and the top of the page has the logo or company logo of the institution
It may also differ if the block note is with a wire or the block note is human, so the difference is that the block note that is with a wire has a higher cost than that which is human, each according to the customer’s budget. We have all the materials and the best prices.
Block Note Sizes:
The size of the block note varies according to the customer
There is an A4 size
And A5 size
There is also less, and any size can be customized
Importance of block notes for companies:
The importance of the block note lies in the fact that many companies now rely on it mainly to market their companies and products, and the block note of their company indicates the identity of their company and the company’s logo.
And they distribute them as gifts to their clients
2- All company information such as company addresses, contact numbers, company website and company emails are put in place
And print them on the company’s Block Note cover
There are also types of block notes
Block note paper and wire
Or Block Note Leather
The leather block note differs from the paper, as the leather is the cover of the block note and the leather is of high quality and the paper inside is lined with the ability to engrave on the logo of your company


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