Offset Printing

Offset printing

Offset printing has an initial cost of equipment for printing and is borne on the unit price, and this is reflected in the unit cost in small quantities, with a higher price and decreases as the quantity increases.
Bisky Advertising Company does all kinds of printing, including offset printing
Advantages of offset printing
It has high accuracy
It can be printed on stone, metal, wood, canvas and leather
Its cost is high when the quantity of printing is small, and its cost is low when the quantity is high. It depends on printing on water and ink.
And many paper prints are printed with offset printing such as

personal cards
Print brochures
Print restaurant menus
Corporate paper printing
Print envelopes
Print office results
Printing books and magazines
Notebook printing
Block note printing

Print the office result
Catalog printing
Advantages of offset printing in advertising:
High print quality and clarity
The ability to print on different materials
Lower cost the higher the quantity
The best solution when printing in large quantities
Presses are now being replaced by using CTP technology instead of the old ways of using films.


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