Digital Printing

Digital printing

High-quality digital printing
Advantages of digital printing in advertising:
• There is no minimum and you can get even one copy if you like.
• Its colors are more vibrant.
• Its technical problems are much less.
• Most machines can be added to the equipment for bending and wrapping and some of them are designed so that they print copy and packaging on-demand electronically and delivered to you a ready-made hard copy within minutes.
• Very fast, you need minutes, not hours or days of waiting, of course, if your artwork is ready.
Digital printing is characterized by the accuracy of the printed numbers and the lack of waste with the consistency of the color degree without variation during the quantity
• It has a better price in small quantities compared to offset
• If you want to receive in a limited time, then digital printing is the best solution for you, especially in:
Root character
Print brochures
Print restaurant menus
Corporate paper printing
Print envelopes
Print office results
Printing books and magazines
Notebook printing
Block note printing

Print the office result
Catalog printing


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