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Folder is a medical laboratory
If you are going to open your own lab.
If you want a distinctive design for your factory folders, you do not have just the Bisky Advertising Company
For printing and design, we work to satisfy all tastes
Bisky Advertising for designing and printing medical analysis lab folders
We are Bisky Advertising Company, with more than 10 years of experience in printing and designing folders for laboratories and analyzes

The medical analysis laboratory was born
It is a cardboard folder with a slot on the top for the name and patient information, and it is equipped with a pocket to put the paper for the patient’s analysis in it, so the design of the folder expresses the identity of the laboratory in terms of design and colors and has an attractive and wonderful shape, which makes a wonderful marketing tool for the laboratory everywhere
The importance of designing a folder for laboratories
It is considered one of the most important marketing means for your own factory because its attractive shape and contains the laboratory’s contact information, address, logo and location, which makes it an important advertising tool for the laboratory and makes the patient with you always wherever you are.

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