Exhibitions Stands

Exhibitions stands

– Companies make publicity for their products and services at exhibitions to achieve greater rates of sales and knowledge of competitors in the market and thus know their weaknesses, strengths, and use in development and marketing. In addition to achieving achievements in a short period of time
Participation in exhibitions will win companies and business owners new customers
Identify new suppliers to these companies through competition in various exhibitions
One of the most important reasons for the success of the exhibitions and participation in them is to establish and equip a special and distinctive parchin in the company with the presence of some of the different manufactured or imported stands, as a way to diversify the exhibition equipment to include many and many types: such as flags stands – pop up stands – roll up stands – Pop-up counter-x-banner-roll-up-pop-up-tower-brochure stand
There are two types of stands used in exhibitions:

Manufactured Stands: –
And they are manufactured in the workshops of the Biski Advertising Company, and those stands are manufactured from wood, aluminum or acrylic.
After the manufacturing process, the vinyl is affixed to it with the required design that contains the company’s name and logo and some company data such as email and phone numbers with pictures of the products or services it provides, which gives a strong impression.


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