Exhibitions stands

Identify new suppliers to these companies through competition in various exhibitions
One of the most important reasons for the success of the exhibitions and participation in them is to establish and equip a special and distinctive Parchin in the company with the presence of some of the different manufactured or imported stands, as a way to diversify the exhibition equipment to include many and many types: such as flags stands – pop up stands – roll up stands – Pop-up counter-x-banner-roll-up-pop-up-tower-brochure stand
There are two types of stands used in exhibitions:

Manufactured Stands: –
And they are manufactured in the workshops of the Bisky Advertising Company, and those stands are manufactured from wood, aluminum, or acrylic.
After the manufacturing process, the vinyl is affixed to it with the required design that contains the company’s name and logo and some company data such as email and phone numbers with pictures of the products or services it provides, which gives a strong impression.

Imported showroom stands: –
It is imported from abroad and is distinguished by being easy to disassemble and install. The advertising message is printed on those stands, and the most important of these stands are:
The diversity of exhibition equipment includes many and many types: such as flags stands – pop up stand – roll up stands – pop up counter – x banner – roll up – pop up the tower – stand brochure
Exhibition stands are widely used in mobile exhibitions, i.e. there are many customers who have more than one exhibition at one time, so it is easier to rely on exhibition stands because they:
_ Easy to transport.
_Easy to install.
Lightweight compared to other exhibition stands.
_ You can install it yourself without the need for an installer to install it.
_Easy to print and prepare.
For companies, conferences, and mobile exhibitions
There can be no exhibition without the need to display your products or advertising message to place on it specific offers or services that you wish to focus on or any other advertising message.
Therefore, Pesky Advertising provides you with all the stands for exhibitions and conferences:
Roll Up Stand:
Roll up is one of the most popular printed stands and it is used in large and small companies, exhibitions, and events, and it does not only contribute to displaying the product, but it is also used as a decoration to beautify the place
The roll-up is easy to disassemble, install and carry from one place to another
Basic Roll Up Company provides various sizes and designs suitable for your company, and the roll-up is printed on the banner, glossy or 3D (3D).
The sizes of the roll-up stands differ
A roll-up stand weighing about 1.670 grams (roll-up stand) size 60 * 150
Roll up stand, weighs about 1.935 grams
Roll up stand, weighs about 1.935 grams
Roll up stand, weighs about 1.935 grams
A roll-up stand, weighing about 1.935 grams (roll-up stand), size 80 * 200
Roll up stand, weights about 1.885g
Roll up stand, weights about 1.885g
Roll up stand, weights about 1.885g
A roll-up stand weighs about 1.885 grams (roll-up stand) size 85 * 200
Roll l stand weighs
Roll l stand weighs
Roll l stand weighs
A roll-up stand weighs about 2.450 grams (roll-up stand) size 100 * 200
A roll-up stand weighs about 2.895 grams (roll-up stand) size 120 * 200
A roll-up stand, weighing about 3.110 grams, size 150 * 200

Roll-up stand components

New Stand Roll Up
There is also another type of roll-up called a new stand roll-up and is distinguished by its stability on the ground and equanimity, as weather factors such as air, for example, do not make it fall on the ground, for example, or tear, and it is also distinguished by its heavyweight and its legs are distinguished by being circular forward, which makes it more cohesive.
Rollup Uses:
It is used to highlight a specific advertising message for companies in exhibitions, conferences and various events. It also uses administrative offices within companies, shops, and medical clinics through an attractive design with the company or institution logo and the text of the advertising message.
There is also an X-Banner or Spider-Banner
It is also widely used in exhibition and conference facilities

It is considered one of the most important Exhibition equipment also and is called x-banner or a spider.
The X-Banner takes the form of an X from the back and is considered lightweight compared to other stands and consists of plastic, iron, or iron with plastic.
A banner that contains a design to advertise a product or service with the logo or logo and contact information for the company or institution is printed, and the printing is done either by printing out a role or printing that role, then the banner or advertising message is installed on the X-Banner Stand

Types of x-banner X banner stand
It is a banner tight on the X-Banner that takes the form of an X from the back and has a lightweight and is placed in closed spaces in companies and offices and is easy to carry, install and disassemble.

The X-Banner Outdoor differs slightly from the regular X-Banner Stand, where there is a base at the bottom and in which water or sand is placed, and its sizes can be controlled through a roller in the back, and it is also possible to place a number of advertising messages (banner) or put two advertising messages. It is used in open spaces in exhibitions, conferences, and various events
There is also another type of X-Banner called
double slide l banner double-sided x-banner
It is also distinguished by that the advertising message is on two sides and not on another side, as in the other types of X-Banners, made of aluminum and available in silver
It is available in size 180 * 80 cm
One 1.8 kg

X banner stand outdoor
Banner stand with multiple sizes
Banner uses stand
It is also placed as an alternative to a stand or pop-up poster. It is used as backgrounds for photography, for example


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