POP UP Counter

Pop up counter

Pop-up counter is used as a podium or counter in front of pop-up in exhibitions and conferences. Pop-up counter can also be used in companies where the company logo or any design is printed on it and it is made of aluminum, iron, and acrylic chassis.

Features of Pop Up Counter
– Pop Up Counter is distinguished by that it has a distinct and wonderful shape and is an excellent interface for you in an exhibition or conference where it is designed from the same company identity in terms of colors and logo, i.e. the advertising message that is printed on it
It is considered the appropriate size as it is easy to carry, install and move it anywhere easily
With a special bag to put in it, mobility and ease of carrying
Where the pop-up counter that we have bisque for advertising is distinguished by that there are two shelves inside to place the products of the company or the papers of the company


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