The result of the office is indispensable for the owners of companies, factories and major commercial malls because of their marketing role for the services and products provided by companies and factories. Therefore, we, Bisky Advertising Company, are keen on designing and printing the office result in all sizes and with the highest quality

What is the definition of a calendar
It is considered what is the most important modern and old means of advertising and that still has its role and impact until now, on which companies and government sectors also depend, factories and institutions in advertising and advertising them professionally.
It is a result consisting of several pages according to the months of the 12 month year, as well as the calendar.
The company logo will be sold, and the design will also be designed according to the identity of the company, factory or major institutions in terms of colors
It contains the company’s address, contact numbers, website, and all company information.

The importance of Calender to companies:

★ It is considered one of the most important marketing tools in marketing your company or services in an attractive way that meets the needs of customers in the result of your company’s logo office or your business. It consists of 12 pages and contains all the contact information for your company. Are considered valuable


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