Advertising headphones | speaker

Propaganda headsets are considered one of the technological gifts of wide popularity due to what we are witnessing now of technological development and the constant need to develop and facilitate our lives for the better and faster
There were many types of advertising headphones or a speaker
Its shapes and techniques evolved
He got there
Bluetooth Speaker | Bluetooth speaker
It features Pogo Bluetooth® wirelessly, ie the ability to operate the headphones from the mobile remotely and control them remotely
The ability to remotely answer calls
The possibility of inserting a mobile memory flash and running on it as you want it
It has multiple red, green, and blue highlights
This type is considered one of the best and cheapest headphones.
Available colors
There is also another type called
Earphones or speaker with mobile holder | speaker with mobile holder
The advantage of this speaker or headphones is that they have a mobile holder

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