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Promotional gifts from  GoodNews for advertising and promotional gifts for companies We have all kinds of promotional gifts for companies, sectors, factories, stores, malls, hospitals, and all government and private sectors. We are distinguished in all types of promotional gifts and promotional gifts for companies.
More than 10 years of experience in importing promotional gifts or promotional gifts.
We are GoodNews Advertising We have many innovative and advanced ideas that suit all companies and implement ideas for promotional gifts in an innovative way and attractive ideas for customers.

You can choose between many promotional gifts such as

Printing on flash memory

Design and printing of the blueprint

All kinds of notebooks

Canvas bags

And capes

And medals


And all kinds of promotional gifts:

Like technological gifts like

Advertising headphones

And car charger

And power bank

And the propaganda mouth

And luminous cables

And other promotional gifts, as there are also promotional gift sets for companies with various innovative ideas
What distinguishes Basic Advertising is that we provide promotional gifts and promotional gifts based on studying the customer’s field, understanding his goals and vision, and converting them into innovative ideas that serve customers in an innovative and attractive way, increase their sales and strengthen their relationship with their customers.
We are always keen in GoodNews Advertising to develop the promotional gifts or promotional gifts section on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that we provide the best ideas to our customers and provide the best promotional products and gifts and the best raw materials.

We are also keen to embed your brand in all promotional gifts in the minds of your customers for that
We are working on creating promotional gifts that suit all government sectors, private companies, educational institutions, universities, or institutes. We have GoodNews Advertising what suits you for sure.

Therefore, we are always proud of our customers ‘confidence in us because we do not offer only traditional promotional gifts, but rather gifts that suit your customers’ daily needs, which makes you always at the forefront. We have all advertising solutions.

Do not hesitate to contact us to be a complete team to serve you to choose promotional gifts or promotional gifts suitable for you from more than 500 types of exclusive gifts that we have for advertising and advertising, with innovative ideas, the best quality, and wholesale prices.


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