Note Book

Notebook printing

The notebook is one of the most popular promotional gifts that companies are keen to present to their customers to market their companies and products in an attractive way to customers and increase their sales
Bisky Advertising Company is distinguished for advertising and promotional gifts that it has a distinguished group of notebooks with the best materials and distinct shapes
With the ability to print or engrave on the notebook or print, and the customer can dig for the company’s logo, contact numbers, website, and addresses of branches
And other information.
The importance of notebooks
Notebooks are considered to have high marketing value for companies
It is considered a valuable gift for the customer, as it is one of the customer’s daily needs that are indispensable in taking notes on it on a daily basis, as it is with him all the time
It increases the trust between you and the customer and makes you always on the minds of your customers all the time
Notebook sizes
Notebook sizes vary
25.5 * 17.5
14.8 * 21.0
10.5 * 14.8
Any between A4, A5, A6, B5
Paper materials in the notebook
Varied materials paper in the notebook
In terms of paper thickness and color between white and cream color
There are also types of notebooks with a place for a pen and a notebook with a cell phone or phone, and there is also a notebook with a leather cover and with places to change papers when they run out.

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